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The B-52's

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After selling more than twenty million albums, the B-52's remain the most unlikely pop superstars ever. The first band to glorify pop culture with an almost Warholian sense of purpose, the B-52's unforgettable dance-rock tunes start a party every time the music begins. Their self-titled debut disc sold more than 500,000 copies on the strength of their first singles, the garage rock party classics "Rock Lobster," "Planet Claire" and "52 Girls." With the release of their second effort, "Wild Planet", the B-52's proved that their success was no fluke, scoring hits with "Private Idaho," "Party Out Of Bounds" and "Strobelight." The success of "Mesopotamia," produced by David Byrne (1982), and "Whammy" LP (1983) thrust the B-52's into the pole position in the New Wave derby, with the band graduating to arena tours. In 1985, they released "Bouncing Off The Satellites" and Cosmic Thing" (1989), the B-52's greatest commercial achievement and an album that propelled them to international superstars. Next, the band released the energetic "Good Stuff" (1992). After a nice break, the group released "Funplex" in 2008. Now, The band continues to wow audiences all over the world with their energetic live performances.


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