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Bette Midler is showing no signs of slowing down - or losing popularity. With platinum records, Academy Award nominations, multiple Grammy Awards, a Tony Award, and an Emmy, Bette has a show-biz career few performers can ever achieve. Raised in the only Jewish family in Honolulu, Bette made her move first to Hollywood. Next came New York City, where she honed her trash-as-art sensibility, performing in a gay bathhouse with pianist Barry Manilow. These now notorious shows became the basis for her Divine Madness revue on Broadway. But besides camp, she could also vamp -- for sentiment -- and did in "The Rose," a 1979 film loosely based on the life of Janis Joplin. In 1986, she developed a new persona: the kooky, rich housewife in Disney's "Down and Out in Beverly Hills." Her tear jerker song from "Beaches," "The Wind Beneath My Wings," won her a Grammy, her fourth. Bette was named one of the most "Unforgettable Women of the Century" in a special edition of "People" magazine. In 2013, Bette took Broadway by storm, starring in "I'll Eat You Last." A year later, she released It's the Girls!. Bette continues to tour the world.


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