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John Tesh

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For many years, John Tesh went virtually unrecognized as a musician and composer, instead enjoying television success as the co-host of the nightly show, Entertainment Tonight. While his initial attempts to mount a recording career were met with scorn and ridicule, he had the last laugh on his detractors, rising to become one of new age instrumental music's biggest superstars. In 1988, he issued his first album, Tour de France. Further efforts, including 1989's Garden City, garnered him a growing audience. Smashes, including 1993's Monterey Nights and 1994's Sax by the Fire, followed, and in 1995, Tesh's PBS special and album Live at Red Rocks gained major traction. He soon left Entertainment Tonight to focus all of his energies on music, scoring successive hits with the likes of 1996's Sax on the Beach and its 1997 follow-up, Sax All Night. Grand Passion followed in early 1998, trailed a year later by One World and John Tesh & Friends. Pure Hymns was issued in fall 2000 and Pure Orchestra and Pure Gospel followed in early 2001. Classical Music for Babies (And Their Moms), Vol. 2 appeared later that spring. In 2004, Tesh released Worship at Red Rocks. In 2012, he released Big Band. John Tesh continues to tour the world.


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