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David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash met at Joni Mitchell's house in 1968 after a Hollies concert. Soon after, they started recording their first album. The musical partnership of the three members of the group (and later with Neil Young) led to one of the most successful acts in rock history. CSN&Y was the only American-based band to approach the overall societal impact of the Beatles. CSN's debut album, released in 1969, was perfectly in tune with the times, and the group was an instant hit. By the time of their first tour (which included Woodstock), Neil Young had joined the group. The first CSN&Y album, Deja-vu, was a chart-topping hit in 1970, but the group split after a summer tour. In 1977, Crosby, Stills and Nash re-formed without Young for the album, CSN, another giant hit, which was followed by Daylight Again in 1982. CSN&Y released a second studio album, American Dream, in 1988. Without Young, CSN followed with Live It Up in 1990, and the trio remained a very popular live act. They embarked on a 25th anniversary tour in the summer of 1994 and released a new album, After the Storm. CSN&Y's Looking Forward was released in October 1999, followed in 2000 by their CSNY2K tour. In 2012, they released a double CD/DVD entitled CSN 2012. CSN continues to tour the globe.


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