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Boz Scaggs

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Rock guitarist William "Boz" Scaggs met fellow musician Steve Miller while attending prep school in Texas, joining Miller's first group, the Marksmen, in 1959 as lead singer. The friends later attended the University of Wisconsin, performing in several blues/rock bands during school. In 1967, he moved to San Francisco, joining Miller's new band, the Steve Miller Band. After performing on the first two Steve Miller Band albums, Boz Scaggs left to begin a solo career. Signing to Atlantic, he released his eponymous debut later that same year. Unfortunately the blues-driven album was more welcomed by critics than fans, prompting Scaggs to move to Columbia for his 1971 follow-up, Moments. Once again, critics praised his talent, but the public overlooked his record. Columbia's patience paid off in 1976 when Silk Degrees reached number two on the charts thanks to the singles "Lowdown" and "Lido Shuffle." His next two albums reached the Top 10 as well. Now a recognized blues-rock singer-songwriter, Boz Scaggs returned in 1988 with Other Roads. After moving to Virgin, Scaggs released the acclaimed Some Change in 1994 and Come On Home in 1997. The newly energized Scaggs spent the next few years consistantly releasing new material, including Here's the Low Down, Fade into Light, Dig and a collection of standards called But Beautiful. In 2015, he released A Fool to Care. Boz Scaggs continues to tour the world.


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