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Jim Belushi

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Jim came to national attention through his role in the film "About Last Night." During his long career, Jim has played an array of characters. Jim portrayed a mentally handicapped man in "Homer and Eddie," a high school principal who defies a drug dealer in "The Principal," a happy-go-lucky escaped convict who poses as a high-powered executive in "Takin' Care of Business," and a corrupt police detective caught in a dangerous web of deceit in "Gang Related." While Jim is well-known to audiences worldwide as a talented actor, many are discovering that he is also a talented musician. He and the House of Blues' band, the Sacred Hearts, joined forces in 1995. Since that fateful day, Jim and the band have performed all over the country. They have worked in clubs, for private and corporate events and even for President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Gore at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. The Sacred Hearts' music is heavy blues with a lot of soul, and these incredibly talented musicians, along with Jim Belushi, make this act one of the most entertaining blues-rock bands around.


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