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Taylor Davis

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American violinist Taylor Davis is best known for her violin-covers of music from video games featured on her YouTube channel where she also features performances of her own arrangements of music from films and musicals. Since 2013, she has begun releasing her own original compositions as well. During 2012, Davis released two albums and an assortment of singles. The first album, Gaming Fantasy, features tunes from various video games arranged for violin.[ Six months later An Enchanted Christmas was released. In January 2013, Davis published her third album called Game On: 2 Player mode. With the help of a MIDI keyboard and the DAW "Logic Pro", Davis created all of the orchestral backtracks for these works. Legendary Movie Music, the fourth album, was released in July 2013. Davis released two more albums: Melodies of Hyrule: Songs from "The Legend of Zelda" in November 2013 and The Anime and Game Collection in July 2014. Three months later, in October, Davis launched a crowdfunding campaign for the creation of her seventh album, the first one made up exclusively of original music. The platform chosen for this project was PledgeMusic. The campaign achieved its goal in around a week, and the new album, entitled Taylor Davis, was released in March 2015 and debuted at #10 on the Billboard Classical Charts.



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