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Emmy winning comedian Dana Carvey is one of America's most beloved entertainers. Carvey has starred in "Wayne's World," "Wayne's World 2," Alan Parker's "The Road to Welleville," "Clean Slate," and FOX's "Trapped in Paradise." In 1992, Carvey left "Saturday Night Live" after sevens seasons on NBC. A repertory member since the 1986-87 season, Carvey is best known for his characters: The Church Lady, Hans, of the Hans and Franz body building duo, Garth, Wayne Campbell's (Mike Myers) Excellent Co-Host on the immensely popular sketch Wayne's World, which, of course, spawned two hit motion pictures, and Weekend Update's Grumpy Old Man. Carvey has received widespread praise for his uncanny comedic impersonations of such political figures as President George H. Bush, H. Ross Perot, Jerry Brown, and David Duke. He also does impersonations of George Burns, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Stewart, John McLaughlin, Mickey Rooney, Casey Casem, and Regis Philbin. Carvey has received a total of six Emmy nominations, one of which was for a guest appearance on HBO's "Larry Sanders Show" and winning an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program. Carvey has also been honored by the American Comedy Awards as Television's Funniest Supporting Male in 1990 and 1991. Dana's new show, "First Impressions," premiered on on the USA Network in May of 2016. Dana recently recorded two live performances at the Wilbur Theater in Boston for a Netflix special to be released very soon. No doubt, Dana Carvey is one of the greats, to put it mildly.



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