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There has never been a more inventive mind on the comedy stage than Gallagher. Keeping a team of skilled craftsmen busy full-time, Gallagher is constantly dreaming up new, brilliant, and hilarious props with which to delight his audience. He arrives on stage in crazy, outrageous vehicles of his own invention, including a bicycle seat slung between ten-feet high wheels, a motorized school desk, and a pair of combination roller skate-spring shoes. Once on stage, he is the master of ceremonies for a circus of remote-control watermelons, mic stands with minds of their own, flying seagulls which do to the audience what seagulls do best and all manner of things that squirt. The one thing an audience can count on at a Gallagher concert is surprise and delight! Gallagher's comedy is much more than outrageous stunts and hilarious props, however. He is a keen and original observer of human nature and the American scene, and he delivers his observations with a blend of comedic insight and dry acerbity. "My humor makes people think," says Gallagher. " His originality is more than merely stylistic - he is constantly creating and writes all his own material. He has had countless television specials, His most recent, "Gotham Comedy Live" came out in 2014. Gallagher - always original and thought-provoking - and as funny as they come.


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