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Brad Stine enjoys shattering pre-conceptions. In modern stand-up comedy, cultural signifiers abound. Call a comic aggressive and confrontational, and it usually means coarse language and crude subject matter. Call a comic cerebral, and it usually means a liberal who makes reference to politicians and pop-culture figures. Call a comic clean, and it usually means someone mild-mannered, polite, and exceedingly safe. Brad Stine bulldozes those stereotypes with manic, thought-provoking glee. He’s as in-your-face as any modern stand-up comedian, but he never utters a curse word. He’s an educated, cerebral comic who is also a proud, patriotic conservative. So, yes, he’s clean and conservative. As shown on his DVD, A Conservative Unleashed, he’s a unique comic who proves that clean and cutting edge indeed can come in the same package—and at full speed. Stine’s distinctive brand of comedy has brought him standing ovations across the country—as well as praise from the media. He’s been seen on MTV’s Half Hour Comedy Hour, Showtime’s Comedy Club Network and A&E’s Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Evening at the Improv and Comedy on the Road. A native of Indiana, he spent years in Los Angeles developing his career before moving his family to Nashville. Brad admits he felt a compelling desire to prove himself to the Christian community. In Stine’s book, Being a Christian Without Being an Idiot: Ten Assumed Truths That Make Us Look Stupid, he challenges Christians to examine themselves before judging others. He also dares them to adopt a lifestyle that changes the negative perspectives the world has about Christianity.


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