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After four successful seasons as co-host and co-creator of Comedy Central's "The Man Show," Adam Carolla has become somewhat of an expert on men. Carolla along with his Jackhole Industries partners, Jimmy Kimmel and Daniel Kellison, created the primetime series "Crank Yankers." Carolla began working as a carpenter and boxing instructor in Los Angeles. It was his knowledge of boxing that introduced him to radio. An opportunity presented itself when LA-based radio station KROQ-FM announced they were looking for a trainer to prepare "Jimmy the Sports Guy" - Jimmy Kimmel - for an on-air boxing event. Carolla's many calls to the station were never returned. Frustrated, he drove to the building and sneaked in with a delivery guy. Luckily for Carolla, at that moment Kimmel went for a bathroom break. Fittingly, Adam met Jimmy outside the men's room. Kimmel lost the fight, but despite that, the two quickly became best friends. Carolla developed the character "Mr. Birchum, Wood Shop Teacher" for KROQ's "Kevin and Bean." show. "Mr. Birchum" soon became one of the hottest and most listened to segments on morning radio. His success on KROQ led to a hosting job on the radio show "Loveline," with Dr. Drew Pinsky. Due to the enormous success of "Loveline," MTV developed a television version of the show, which Adam co-hosted with Dr. Drew for four seasons. The popularity of the show led Adam to co-author "The Dr. Drew and Adam Book: A Survival Guide to Life and Love." Carolla has also appeared as himself in the Miramax film "Down to You," was seen in the film "Frank McClusky, C.I." and now hosts one of the internet's hottest podcasts, "The Adam Carolla Show." An outspoken commentator on various social, political, and religious issues, Carolla regularly appears on "The O'Reilly Factor," on which he headlines a weekly segment..Needless to say, Adam Carolla doesn't have to sneak in anywhere with a delivery guy. He delivers the goods - and then some.

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