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Colt Ford

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The reason Colt Ford's blending of country and rap feels so natural has everything to do with his background. Colt grew up listening to country along with R&B and hip-hop. When the Georgia native reached adulthood he began writing songs, eventually earning co-writing credits with Jamey Johnson, Jeremy Popoff, and the alternative rock band Lit. After a few years, the popular country music duo Montgomery Gentry became clients, then the urban side of Colt's style was put to use when rapper Bone Crusher and urban superstar Jermaine Dupri came calling. He went from behind the scenes to up front in 2006 when he wrote "Buck 'Em." In 2008, he released his debut album, Ride Through the Country. Chicken and Biscuits followed in 2010, with the impressive Every Chance I Get arriving in 2011. Ford had created a larger than life hillbilly redneck public image, but he was also a sly, passionate, and multi-layered writer, and as a former drummer, he knew what to do in a recording studio. After starting his own label, Ford worked and toured outside the commercial Nashville umbrella, but he knew his way around and co-wrote songs with pros like Jeffrey Steele, Craig Wiseman, Rodney Clawson, and David Lee Murphy for his next project, 2012's Declaration of Independence. Thanks for Listening arrived in 2014, and Love Hope Faith was released in 2017. Colt Ford continues to tour and win fans.


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