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Your source for the world's premier entertainers
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DJ Roonie G

With numerous prestigious national awards, DJ Roonie G continues to focus on developing live visual art and boldly go where no entertainer has gone before! His innovative “Video” mixing creates a truly unique, immersive and high-energy experience. Roonie G started his career at the age of 14 and has been recognized as the "best of the best" by Nightclub and Bar Magazine, DJ Times, Las Vegas Weekly, Club-World Awards, The Boston Globe and many more, including the Fortune 500 community. In 2004 Roonie G debuted the prototype DVJ at The Beach in Las Vegas. Shortly thereafter, a DVJ residency followed at Ra in The Luxor in Las Vegas. What started out as a special guest performance quickly became a monthly, then bi-weekly, and then weekly residency, during which time Roonie G reigned Ra for 12 straight months.  2008 was the beginning of Roonie G’s newest venture, high end corporate events. He began combining corporate documentation footage, content, branding and messaging and tied them together with his passion for music and videos to create a unique product. DJ Roonie G is ranked as #1 Video DJ Artist in North America and also in America's Top 50 DJs. His ability to weave a client’s message into a fun event is second to none. Listening attentively to clients and using his unique abilities to create an end result that exceeds the client’s expectations has become commonplace for this artist. 


Contact a DJ Roonie G Agent now to Book DJ Roonie G at your next corporate, private or special event!

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