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DJ Cassidy

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DJ Cassidy has been at the nexus of music, fashion, and nightlife for over half his living years as the go-to deejay of music impresarios, entertainment moguls, fashion icons, cultural trendsetters, and world leaders. When President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Jay Z and Beyonce need a deejay for an event, there's only one person they call. Now an iconic name in the industry, DJ Cassidy is recognized from miles away by his signature boater hat, his vintage brooches, and his 24 karat gold microphone. With equal nods to classic Ivy style, vintage Hip Hop, and bespoke tailoring, Cassidy’s sense of style is truly his own. Cassidy has starred in international print, digital, and television campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Brooks Brothers, Uniqlo, Sony, Blackberry, and Ciroc. He has produced music for HBO’s “Vinyl,” Netfix’s “The Get Down,” and a television campaign for Target. He tours the world twelve months a year, electrifying party people with an infectious showmanship, a crowd-commanding voice, and a musical palette so broad, he relates to everyone within his reach, uniting dance floors around the globe. His popular “Pass the Mic” all-star video jams were most recently part of the Biden/Harris inaugural programs,. He has since a deal with BET to produce six “Mic” specials during 2021.


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