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Chuck Mangione

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Since the 1970s, Chuck Mangione has been known as one of the Jazz scene's true survivors. His purposely lightweight music is melodic pop that is upbeat, optimistic and sometimes uplifting. Chuck Mangione played with the big bands of Woody Herman and Maynard Ferguson (both in 1965) and Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (1965-67). In 1968, now sticking mostly to his soft-toned flugelhorn, Mangione formed a quartet that also featured Gerry Niewood on tenor and soprano. They cut a fine set for Mercury in 1972 but otherwise Mangione's recordings in the 1970s generally used large orchestras and vocalists (including Esther Satterfield), putting the emphasis on lightweight melodies such as "Hill Where the Lord Hides," "Land of Make Believe," "Chase the Clouds Away" and the huge 1977 hit (featuring guitarist Grant Geissman) "Feels So Good." After, he recorded 1978 Hollywood Bowl concert that summed up his pop years and a 1980 two-LP set that alternated pop and bop (with guest Dizzy Gillespie). In the 1980s, he had a couple of very sharp Columbia albums. In 1997, a comeback tour found him in good form, having a reunion with his "Feels So Good" band. The Feeling's Back album followed in 1999. In 2000, he delivered Everything for Love. Chuck Mangione continues to tour the world.


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