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Celebrity magician and stunt artist David Blaine first began to make a name for himself peforming magic at celebrity functions by doing magic tricks for famous people such as Mike Tyson, Al Pacino and David Geffen. Blaine decided to take a chance and aspire to greater heights, so he made a tape of a performance and sent it to ABC. The response was tremendous and an interview was requested soon after. His first special was later produced, David Blaine: Street Magic and it became a ratings hit in 1997. David Blaine: Magic Man followed two years later. Blaine was soon in demand on the talk show circuit and appeared on just about every major show imaginable. In 1999, Blaine performed his most notable stunt to date, as he was submerged in 4000 pounds of water for over one week to promote his latest special. The publicity was amazing and after he emerged 24 pounds lighter, he once again was seen plugging the show on the talk show circuit. Another stunt involving a block of ice generated similar acclaim, as well as some cynics. But even the ash of theories attempting to debunk the Blaine brand of magic has not diminished his fame. In fact, the negative publicity has had the opposite effect and has proved to be a rallying point for his most fervent supporters. Like him or not, David Blaine's stricks and stunts are certainly never to be ignored.


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