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The Bronx Wanderers

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Trying to find a great live performance of classic 50's and 60's doo-wop? Look no further than the Bronx Wanderers. Frontman "Yo! Vinny" got his start working with doo-wop legend Dion. If you want authentic doo-wop, book the Brooklyn Wanderers today. Feel the rhythm within your body as the music begins to play. You'll wait with anticipation as the lights dim; suddenly a voice emerges from the darkness. It's "Yo! Vinny" slicing through the shadows, heartbeats will quicken as he hits that first note. Every star in the sky shines when he takes center stage. "Vinny The Kid" talents excel as music director for the group. When the opportunity arises he's lean and mean strumming his guitar. So, take a deep breath and hold on to your heart strings, music is in his soul. Nicky "Stix" is the youngest member of the group making his mark. This young man has complete control over those drums, it's clear to see he owns them! Last but not least Dino takes the audience by surprise with his vocal talent. Proceed with caution when he heats up his guitar, he's smokin'! Any night becomes a celebration as "The Bronx Wanderers" take center stage. Give your heart a jump start dancing the night away with them!


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