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Garibaldi's early life was overshadowed by the tough environment that surrounded him. He was not immune to the lure of graffiti life, and he found a niche in urban art. It was not until high school that Garibaldi was able to parlay underground influences and hip-hop culture into positive career opportunities. In 2003, David Garibaldi began turning his illustrations on paper into paintings on canvas. Although painting was gratifying, Garibaldi wanted to take his artistry to a different level. He started painting live at urban jazz sessions, nightclubs, and hip-hop events, using music events to spark his creativity. Painting live became performance in its own right, and Garibaldi's work evolved into stage entertainment. As he dances, paint flies, arms flail, and he moves his body. Garibaldi becomes a man in motion, turning his live stage performance into a show known to fans as "Rhythm and Hue."The buzz over "Rhythm and Hue" performances has reached celebrities, CEOs, politicians, and pro athletes. Garibaldi has been featured on MTV, PBS and NBC's "America's Got Talent." David also toured supporting KISS for their 2019 Farewell tour in
North America and Europe, auctioning the paintings off in every city and donating the proceeds to a local charity and p
erformed at The White House in 2016 during South by South Lawn. The creativity, passion, and maturity in his style are not often seen in artists twice his age, and many are humbled by his youth. The essence of rhythm comes alive with every brushstroke, and Garibaldi's life-like, graffiti inspired scenes have exhilarated a new generation of art buyers while imbuing countless thousands of admirers with the tones and textures of music-fueled urban nights.



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