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Stanley Clarke

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Exploding into the jazz world in 1971, Stanley Clarke arrived in New York City and immediately landed jobs with famous bandleaders, including budding young pianist Chick Corea. All of them recognized the musicality Clarke possessed on the acoustic bass. Clarke soon recognized the opportunity to propel the bass into a soloist role. The opportunity came when Clarke and Corea formed the band Return to Forever. The band recorded eight albums, two of which were certified gold, and won a Grammy award. Then Stanley single-handedly started the 1970s “bass revolution,” paving the way for all bassist/soloists to follow. In 1974, he released his eponymous Stanley Clarke album, which featured a hit 45rpm “single” titled “Lopsy Lu.” In 1976, Stanley released School Days. Stanley Clarke became the first bassist in history to headline tours and have his albums certified gold. In 1981, Stanley teamed with George Duke to form the Clarke/Duke Project. Together they scored a top-twenty pop hit with “Sweet Baby,” and still tour to this day. Stanley’s involvement in additional projects as leader or active member include: Jeff Beck, Ronnie Wood's & Keith Richards’ New Barbarians, Animal Logic and The "Superband.” In 2004, he was featured in Los Angeles magazine as one of the 50 most influential people. Clarke has won literally every major award available to a bass player: Grammys, Emmys, every readers’ poll out there, all the critics’ polls, gold and platinum records, walks of fame - you name it. In 2010, he released The Stanley Clarke Band. He continues to perform everywhere.


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